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    • 3-D global simulations of tropospheric CO distributions - Results of the GIM/IGAC intercomparison 1997 exercise 

      Kanakidou, M.; Dentener, F.J.; Brasseur, G.P. et al.
    • Atmospheric Chemistry and Greenhouse Gases 

      Ehhalt, D.; Prather, M.; Dentener, F. et al.
    • Comparison between global chemistry transport model results and Measurement of Ozone and Water Vapor by Airbus In-Service Aircraft (MOZAIC) data 

      Law, K.S.; Plantevin, P.-H.; Thouret, V. et al.
    • Multi-sectoral impact assessment of an extreme African dust episode in the Eastern Mediterranean in March 2018 

      Monteiro, A.; Basart, S.; Kazadzis, S. et al.
    • The AeroCom evaluation and intercomparison of organic aerosol in global models 

      Tsigaridis, K.; Daskalakis, N.; Kanakidou, M. et al.
    • The continental source of glyoxal estimated by the synergistic use of spaceborne measurements and inverse modelling 

      Stavrakou, T.; Muller, J.-F.; De Smedt, I. et al.