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    • CO2 in the atmosphere of Mars depleted in 13C 

      Liuzzi, G.; Villanueva, G.L.; Aoki, S. et al.
    • Depletion of 13C in CO in the Atmosphere of Mars Suggested by ExoMars-TGO/NOMAD Observations 

      Aoki, S.; Shiobara, K.; Yoshida, N. et al.
    • Measurements of water and its D/H as released from both Martian polar caps 

      Villanueva, G.; Liuzzi, G.; Aoki, S. et al.
    • No evidence of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus from independent analyses 

      Villanueva, G.L.; Cordiner, M.; Irwin, P.G.J. et al.
    • Probing the Atmospheric Cl Isotopic Ratio on Mars: Implications for Planetary Evolution and Atmospheric Chemistry 

      Liuzzi, G.; Villanueva, G.L.; Viscardy, S. et al.
    • The Comet Interceptor Mission 

      Jones, G.H.; Snodgrass, C.; Tubiana, C. et al.
    • The Deuterium Isotopic Ratio of Water Released From the Martian Caps as Measured With TGO/NOMAD 

      Villanueva, G.L.; Liuzzi, G.; Aoki, S. et al.