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    • Assignment and rotational analysis of new absorption bands of carbon dioxide isotopologues in Venus spectra 

      Robert, S.; Borkov, Y.G.; Vander Auwera, J. et al.
    • Critical evaluation of measured rotation-vibration transitions and an experimental dataset of energy levels of HD18O 

      Mikhailenko, S.N.; Tashkun, S.A.; Putilova, T.A. et al.
    • Line parameters for the 01111-00001 band of 12C16O18O from SOIR measurements of the Venus atmosphere 

      Wilquet, V.; Mahieux, A.; Vandaele, A.C. et al.
    • Line positions and energy levels of the 18O substitutions from the HDO/D2O spectra between 5600 and 8800cm-1 

      Mikhailenko, S.N.; Tashkun, S.A.; Daumont, L. et al.
    • Partition sums for non-local thermodynamic equilibrium conditions for nine molecules of importance in planetary atmospheres 

      Gamache, R.R.; Vispoel, B.; Rey, M. et al.
    • The 2020 edition of the GEISA spectroscopic database 

      Delahaye, T.; Armante, R.; Scott, N.A. et al.
    • The HITRAN 2008 molecular spectroscopic database 

      Rothman, L.S.; Gordon, I.E.; Barbe, A. et al.
    • The HITRAN2020 molecular spectroscopic database 

      Gordon, I.E.; Rothman, L.S.; Hargreaves, R.J. et al.