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    • An update on ozone profile trends for the period 2000 to 2016 

      Steinbrecht, W.; Froidevaux, L.; Fuller, R. et al.
    • Atmospheric Chemistry Explorer for Mars, ACE-M 

      Bernath, P.; Boone, C.; Walker, K. et al.
    • CAIRT - the Changing-Atmosphere Infra-Red Tomography Explorer 

      Friedl-Vallon, F.; Sinnhuber, B.-M.; Preusse, P. et al.
    • On the improved stability of the version 7 MIPAS ozone record 

      Laeng, A.; Eckert, E.; von Clarmann, T. et al.
    • Recent Arctic ozone depletion: Is there an impact of climate change? 

      Pommereau, J.-P.; Goutail, F.; Pazmino, A. et al.
    • Technical note: Reanalysis of Aura MLS chemical observations 

      Errera, Q.; Chabrillat, S.; Christophe, Y. et al.
    • Validation of MIPAS IMK/IAA V5R_O3_224 ozone profiles 

      Laeng, A.; Grabowski, U.; Von Clarmann, T. et al.