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    • Density and lithospheric thickness of the Tharsis Province from MEX MaRS and MRO gravity data 

      Beuthe M.; Le Maistre S.; Rosenblatt P. et al.
    • Lander radioscience for obtaining the rotation and orientation of Mars 

      Dehant V.; Folkner W.; Renotte E. et al.
    • Mars Express investigations of Phobos and Deimos 

      Witasse O.; Duxbury T.; Chicarro A. et al.
    • Phobos: Observed bulk properties 

      Pätzold M.; Andert T.; Jacobson R. et al.
    • Precise mass determination and the nature of Phobos 

      Andert T. P.; Rosenblatt P.; Pätzold M. et al.
    • Uranus Pathfinder: exploring the origins and evolution of Ice Giant planets 

      Arridge C. S.; Agnor C. B.; André N. et al.