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    • A search for pulsations in the HgMn star HD 45975 with CoRoT photometry and ground-based spectroscopy 

      Morel T.; Briquet M.; Auvergne M. et al.
    • Discovery of a TiO emission band in the infrared spectrum of the S star NP Aurigae 

      Smolders K.; Verhoelst T.; Neyskens P. et al.
    • Gaia-ESO Survey: Analysis of pre-main sequence stellar spectra 

      Lanzafame A. C.; Frasca A.; Damiani F. et al.
    • Mass ratio from Doppler beaming and Rømer delay versus ellipsoidal modulation in the Kepler data of KOI-74 

      Bloemen S.; Marsh T. R.; Degroote P. et al.
    • Modelling the asymmetric wind of the luminous blue variable binary MWC 314 

      Lobel A.; Groh J. H.; Martayan C. et al.
    • The Gaia-ESO Survey: Empirical determination of the precision of stellar radial velocities and projected rotation velocities 

      Jackson R. J.; Jeffries R. D.; Lewis J. et al.
    • The Gaia-ESO Survey: processing FLAMES-UVES spectra 

      Sacco G. G.; Morbidelli L.; Franciosini E. et al.
    • The Gaia-ESO Survey: The analysis of high-resolution UVES spectra of FGK-type stars 

      Smiljanic R.; Korn A. J.; Bergemann M. et al.
    • Time-resolved spectroscopy of BD+46°442: Gas streams and jet creation in a newly discovered evolved binary with a disk 

      Gorlova N.; Van Winckel H.; Gielen C. et al.