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    • Chemically tagging the Hyades stream: does it partly originate from the Hyades cluster? 

      Pompéia L.; Masseron T.; Famaey B. et al.
    • Close binary and other variable stars in the solar-age Galactic open cluster M 67 

      Yakut K.; Zima W.; Kalomeni B. et al.
    • HERMES: a high-resolution fibre-fed spectrograph for the Mercator telescope 

      Raskin G.; van Winckel H.; Hensberge H. et al.
    • Herschel images of NGC 6720: H² formation on dust grains 

      van Hoof P. A. M.; van de Steene G. C.; Barlow M. J. et al.
    • Kepler observations of Am stars 

      Balona L. A.; Ripepi V.; Catanzaro G. et al.
    • Long-term photometric monitoring with the Mercator telescope. Frequencies and multicolour amplitudes of γ Doradus stars 

      Cuypers J.; Aerts C.; De Cat P. et al.
    • MESS (Mass-loss of Evolved StarS), a Herschel key program 

      Groenewegen M. A. T.; Waelkens C.; Barlow M. J. et al.
    • Post-AGB stars with hot circumstellar dust: binarity of the low-amplitude pulsators 

      van Winckel H.; Lloyd Evans T.; Briquet M. et al.
    • The evolutionary state of Miras with changing pulsation periods 

      Uttenthaler S.; van Stiphout K.; Voet K. et al.
    • The Spitzer spectroscopic survey of S-type stars 

      Smolders K.; Neyskens P.; Blommaert J. A. D. L. et al.