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dc.contributor.authorDankittipakul, P.
dc.contributor.authorJocqué, R.
dc.contributor.authorSingrtripop, T.
dc.descriptionThe systematics status of the spider genus <I>Mallinella </I>Strand, 1906 (Araneae, Zodariidae), the phylogenetic relationship of the species within the genus and its relationships to other zodariids were investigated by means of cladistic analysis of morphological data. <I>Mallinella </I>is redefined and characterized by a single synapomorphy: the presence of posterior ventral spines situated in front of the spinnerets arranged in a single row. The genus is clearly palaeotropical, occurring in Africa, Indian subcontinent, Indo-Burma, Sundaland, Wallacea and Polynesia-Micronesia. Two hundred and two (202) <I>Mallinella </I>species are treated. One hundred and one (101) species are described as new and placed in twenty-two (22) species-groups, making <I>Mallinella </I>the largest zodariid genus. Nineteen (19) species are redescribed, the conspecific sex of seven (7) species is discovered and described for the first time. Fifteen (15) new com binations are proposed. Nine (9) <I>Storena </I>species are here transferred to <I>Mallinella</I>: <I>M. beauforti </I>(Kulczy&#324;ski, 1911) comb. nov., <I>M. sciophana </I>(Simon, 1901) comb. nov., <I>M. sobria </I>(Thorell, 1890) comb. nov., <I>M. fasciata </I>(Kulczy&#324;ski, 1911) comb. nov., <I>M. vicaria </I>(Kulczy&#324;ski, 1911) comb. nov., <I>M. redimita </I>(Simon, 1905) comb. nov., <I>M. melanognatha </I>(van Hasselt, 1882) comb. nov., <I>M. nilgherina </I>(Simon, 1906) comb. nov., <I>M. vittata </I>(Thorell, 1890) comb. nov. Two <I>Storena </I>species are transferred to <I>Asceua</I>: <I>A. dispar </I>(Kulczy&#324;ski, 1911) comb. nov., <I>A. quinquestrigata </I>(Simon, 1905) comb. nov. One <I>Storena </I>species is transferred to <I>Oedignatha </I>(Liocranidae): <I>O. aleipata </I>(Marples, 1955) comb. nov. One <I>Storena </I>species is transferred to <I>Cybaeodamus</I>: <I>C. lentiginosus </I>(Simon, 1905) comb. nov. <I>Storena tricolor </I>Simon, 1908 is transferred to the <I>Asteron </I>complex of Australia. Three <I>Storena </I>and two <I>Mallinella </I>species are misplaced; they belong to undescribed genera (<I>S. kraepelini </I>Simon, 1905; <I>S. lesserti </I>Berland, 1938; <I>S. parvula </I>Berland, 1938; <I>M. khanhoa </I>Logunov, 2010; <I>M. </I><I>rectangulata </I>Zhang <I>et al</I>., 2011). <I>Mallinella vittata </I>(Thorell, 1890) comb. nov. is revalidated and removed from the synonymy with <I>M. zebra </I>(Thorell, 1881). <I>Storena vittata </I>Caporiacco, 1955 is removed from homonym replacement (<I>S. caporiaccoi </I>Brignoli, 1983) with <I>S. vittata </I>Thorell, 1890 (= <I>M. vittata </I>comb. nov.). <I>Storena annulipes </I>Thorell, 1892 is removed from its preoccupied name with <I>S. annulipes </I>(L. Koch, 1867) in <I>Storena </I>and transferred to <I>Mallinella</I>; its replacement name <I>S. cinctipes </I>Simon, 1893 is suppressed. <I>Zodarion luzonicum </I>Simon, 1893, <I>Storena multiguttata </I>Simon, 1893, <I>S. semiflava </I>Simon, 1893 and <I>S. obnubila </I>Simon, 1901 are regarded as <I>nomina dubia</I>. Six Indian species were misplaced in <I>Storena</I>; they belong to one of the following genera: <I>Mallinella</I>, <I>Heliconilla </I>gen. nov., <I>Workmania </I>gen. nov., <I>Heradion</I>, or <I>Euryeidon</I>. These taxa are S<I>. arakuensis </I>Patel &amp; Reddy, 1989, <I>S. debasrae </I>Biswas &amp; Biswas, 1992, <I>S. dibangensis </I>Biswas &amp; Biswas, 2006, <I>S. gujaratensis </I>Tikader &amp; Patel, 1975, <I>S. indica </I>Tikader &amp; Patel, 1975 and <I>S. tikaderi </I>Patel &amp; Reddy, 1989. They are regarded as species <I>incertae sedis</I>. A new genus, <I>Heliconilla </I>gen. nov., is proposed for nine species, six of which are new to science while the other three are transferred from <I>Mallinella </I>and <I>Storena</I>. These taxa are: <I>H. irrorata </I>(Thorell, 1887) comb. nov., <I>H. oblonga </I>(Zhang &amp; Zhu, 2009) comb. nov., <I>H. thaleri </I>(Dankittipakul &amp; Schwendinger, 2009) comb. nov. <I>Workmania </I>gen. nov. is established to accommodate two species from Southeast Asia; <I>W. juvenca </I>(Workman, 1896) comb. nov. is transferred from <I>Storena</I>. It is unlikely that the origin of <I>Mallinella </I>dates back more than 100 MYA. <I>Mallinella </I>or its ancestor is believed to have evolved during the Cretaceous, after the separation of South America from Gondwana, and the greater part of its evolution took place during the Tertiary. The Asian-Australian lineages of <I>Mallinella </I>could migrate to India via Greater Somalia before or after the K-T extinction (65 MYA), before the Indian subcontinent joined Asia (ca. 45 MYA).The biogeographic history of the genus involves plate tectonics during the Cretaceous and the Cenozoic in combination with climatic changes and alternating climatic cycles which might have led to episodes of range expansion, isolation of populations and allopatric speciation.
dc.titleSystematics and biogeography of the spider genus <I>Mallinella </I>Strand, 1906, with descriptions of new species and new genera from Southeast Asia (Araneae, Zodariidae).
dc.subject.frascatiBiological sciences
dc.subject.freeBiological collection and data management

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