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    • Fourier transform spectroscopy of atmospheric gases 

      Carleer, M.R.; Fally, S.; Colin, R. et al.
    • Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of the O2 Herzberg Bands I. Rotational Analysis 

      Jenouvrier, A.; Mérienne, M.-F.; Coquart, B. et al.
    • Fourier transform spectroscopy of the O2 Herzberg bands. II. Band oscillator strengths and transition moments 

      Mérienne, M.-F.; Jenouvrier, A.; Coquart, B. et al.
    • Fourier transform spectroscopy of the O2 Herzberg bands. III. Absorption cross sections of the collision-induced bands and of the Herzberg continuum 

      Fally, S.; Vandaele, A.C.; Carleer, M. et al.
    • Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of two trace gases namely Methane and Carbon monoxide for planetary and atmospheric research application 

      Hashemi, R.; Dudaryonok, A.S.; Lavrentieva, N.N. et al.
    • FPGA Design for On-Board Measurement of Intermittency From In-Situ Satellite Data 

      Deak, N.; Creț, O.; Munteanu, C. et al.
    • French/Belgian scientific contribution to tropospheric studies using the MetOp sensors 

      Clerbaux, C.; Turquety, S.; Hadji-Lazaro, J. et al.
    • FRESCO+: An improved O2 A-band cloud retrieval algorithm for tropospheric trace gas retrievals 

      Wang, P.; Stammes, P.; Van Der A, R. et al.
    • Fresh air in the 21st century? 

      Prather, M.; Gauss, M.; Berntsen, T. et al.
    • FRIPON: a worldwide network to track incoming meteoroids 

      Colas, F.; Zanda, B.; Bouley, S. et al.
    • From meteorites to evolution and habitability of planets 

      Dehant, V.; Breuer, D.; Claeys, P. et al.
    • From model intercomparison toward benchmark UV spectra for six real atmospheric cases 

      Van Weele, M.; Martin, T.J.; Blumthaler, M. et al.
    • From Radiation Fields to Atmospheric Concentrations - Retrieval of Geophysical Parameters 

      Bovensmann, H.; Doicu, A.; Stammes, P. et al.
    • From science questions to Solar System exploration 

      Dehant, V.; Blanc, M.; Mackwell, S. et al.