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    • Global Climate 

      Ades, M.; Adler, R.; Allan, R. et al.
    • Global Climate 

      Dunn, R.J.H.; Aldred, F.; Gobron, N. et al.
    • Nine years of global hydrocarbon emissions based on source inversion of OMI formaldehyde observations 

      Bauwens, M.; Stavrakou, T.; Müller, J.-F. et al.
    • The AeroCom evaluation and intercomparison of organic aerosol in global models 

      Tsigaridis, K.; Daskalakis, N.; Kanakidou, M. et al.
    • The MACC reanalysis: an 8 yr data set of atmospheric composition 

      Inness, A.; Baier, F.; Benedetti, A. et al.
    • The Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) tracks 2-3 peta-gram increase in carbon release to the atmosphere during the 2014-2016 El Niño 

      Patra, P.K.; Crisp, D.; Kaiser, J.W. et al.