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    • A decade of GOSAT Proxy satellite CH4 observations 

      Parker, R.J.; Webb, A.; Boesch, H. et al.
    • An 11-year record of XCO2 estimates derived from GOSAT measurements using the NASA ACOS version 9 retrieval algorithm 

      Taylor, T.E.; O'Dell, C.W.; Crisp, D. et al.
    • Evaluation of MOPITT Version 7 joint TIR–NIR XCO retrievals with TCCON 

      Hedelius, J.K.; He, T.-L.; Jones, D.B.A. et al.
    • National CO2 budgets (2015–2020) inferred from atmospheric CO2 observations in support of the global stocktake 

      Byrne, B.; Baker, D.F.; Basu, S. et al.
    • Retrieval of greenhouse gases from GOSAT and GOSAT-2 using the FOCAL algorithm 

      Noël, S.; Reuter, M.; Buchwitz, M. et al.