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    • Evaluation and optimization of ICOS atmospheric station data as part of the labeling process 

      Yver-Kwok, C.; Philippon, C.; Bergamaschi, P. et al.
    • The fingerprint of the summer 2018 drought in Europe on ground-based atmospheric CO2 measurements 

      Ramonet, M.; Ciais, P.; Apadula, F. et al.
    • Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Present-day distribution and trends of tropospheric ozone relevant to climate and global atmospheric chemistry model evaluation 

      Gaudel, A.; Cooper, O.R.; Ancellet, G. et al.
    • Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report: Tropospheric ozone from 1877 to 2016, observed levels, trends and uncertainties 

      Tarasick, D.; Galbally, I.E.; Cooper, O.R. et al.