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    • Herschel imaging and spectroscopy of the nebula around the luminous blue variable star WRAY 15-751 

      Vamvatira-Nakou C.; Hutsemékers D.; Royer P. et al.
    • Herschel PACS and SPIRE imaging of CW Leonis 

      Ladjal D.; Barlow M. J.; Groenewegen M. A. T. et al.
    • Mass ratio from Doppler beaming and Rømer delay versus ellipsoidal modulation in the Kepler data of KOI-74 

      Bloemen S.; Marsh T. R.; Degroote P. et al.
    • MESS (Mass-loss of Evolved StarS), a Herschel key program 

      Groenewegen M. A. T.; Waelkens C.; Barlow M. J. et al.
    • PACS and SPIRE spectroscopy of the red supergiant VY CMa 

      Royer P.; Decin L.; Wesson R. et al.
    • Silicon in the dust formation zone of IRC +10216 

      Decin L.; Cernicharo J.; Barlow M. J. et al.
    • The detached dust shells of AQ Andromedae, U Antliae and TT Cygni 

      Kerschbaum F.; Ladjal D.; Ottensamer R. et al.
    • The orbits of subdwarf B + main-sequence binaries. I. The sdB+G0 system PG 1104+243 

      Vos J.; Østensen R. H.; Degroote P. et al.
    • The Spitzer spectroscopic survey of S-type stars 

      Smolders K.; Neyskens P.; Blommaert J. A. D. L. et al.
    • Warm water vapour in the sooty outflow from a luminous carbon star 

      Decin L.; Agúndez M.; Barlow M. J. et al.