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    • Automated supervised classification of variable stars in the CoRoT programme. Method and application to the first four exoplanet fields 

      Debosscher J.; Sarro L. M.; López M. et al.
    • Low-amplitude variations detected by CoRoT in the B8IIIe star HD 175869 

      Gutiérrez-Soto J.; Floquet M.; Samadi R. et al.
    • Photometric variability of the Be star CoRoT-ID 102761769 

      Emilio M.; Andrade L.; Janot-Pacheco E. et al.
    • Pulsations in the late-type Be star HD 50 209 detected by CoRoT 

      Diago P. D.; Gutiérrez-Soto J.; Auvergne M. et al.
    • Stochastic gravito-inertial modes discovered by CoRoT in the hot Be star HD 51452 

      Neiner C.; Floquet M.; Samadi R. et al.
    • The B0.5 IVe CoRoT target HD 49330. II. Spectroscopic ground-based observations 

      Floquet M.; Hubert A.-M.; Huat A.-L. et al.
    • The B0.5IVe CoRoT target HD 49330. I. Photometric analysis from CoRoT data 

      Huat A.-L.; Hubert A.-M.; Baudin F. et al.
    • The PLATO 2.0 mission 

      Rauer H.; Catala C.; Aerts C. et al.
    • The pulsations of the B5IVe star HD 181231 observed with CoRoT and ground-based spectroscopy 

      Neiner C.; Gutiérrez-Soto J.; Baudin F. et al.