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    • Composition, seasonal change, and bathymetry of Ligeia Mare, Titan, derived from its microwave thermal emission 

      Le Gall A.; Malaska M. J.; Lorenz R. D. et al.
    • Lander radio science experiment with a direct link between Mars and the Earth 

      Le Maistre S.; Rosenblatt P.; Rivoldini A. et al.
    • Penetrators for in situ subsurface investigations of Europa 

      Gowen R. A.; Smith A.; Fortes A. D. et al.
    • Science objectives and performances of NOMAD, a spectrometer suite for the ExoMars TGO mission 

      Vandaele A. C.; Neefs E.; Drummond R. et al.
    • The science case for an orbital mission to Uranus: Exploring the origins and evolution of ice giant planets 

      Arridge C. S.; Achilleos N.; Agarwal J. et al.