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dc.contributor.authorCooleman, S.
dc.contributor.authorGeser, G.
dc.descriptionThis document presents the first version of the STERNA Evaluation Methodology. The methodology focuses on the evaluation of the STERNA approach, in particular, the supply side, i.e. the individual organisations that participate in the STERNA network. This participation is understood in the technical sense that an organisation has digital content connected to the distributed semantic digital library system that allows for searching and accessing the pool of distributed and heterogeneous bird related information of the STERNA partners. This document is primarily intended to inform and guide those who will be involved in the evaluation of the STERNA approach. Chapter 1 provides an overview of the content of the document and related other tasks and deliverables. The chapters 2-4 describe the context and objectives of the STERNA project, the goals of the STERNA approach, and the role Semantic Web standards (RDF, SKOS), the distributed digital library architecture, and the use of open source technologies and software as service concept play in the STERNA approach. Chapter 5 addresses the question of what we want to learn from the evaluation of the STERNA approach and, therefore, what needs to be evaluated. Chapter 6 describes in detail the evaluation methodology, including basic principles and expectations, focus points and framework (dimensions, criteria, questions), who will be involved and what methods will be used, how the results will be analysed and summarised, and who will be the target groups of the results and recommendations. Finally, chapter 7 presents the evaluation timetable.
dc.titleSTERNA Deliverable 5.3.1: STERNA Evaluation Methodology, 1th version, STERNA Project, ECP-2007-DILI-517012
dc.subject.frascatiBiological sciences
dc.relation.projectSTERNA: Semantic Web-based Thematic European Reference Network Application ( European )
Orfeo.peerreviewedNot pertinent

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