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    • Assimilation of S5P/TROPOMI carbon monoxide data with the global CAMS near-real-time system 

      Inness, A.; Aben, I.; Ades, M. et al.
    • Comprehensive evaluation of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) reanalysis against independent observations: Reactive gases 

      Wagner, A.; Bennouna, Y.; Blechschmidt, A.-M. et al.
    • Copernicus stratospheric ozone service, 2009-2012: Validation, system intercomparison and roles of input data sets 

      Lefever, K.; Van Der A, R.; Baier, F. et al.
    • Data assimilation of satellite-retrieved ozone, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide with ECMWF's Composition-IFS 

      Inness, A.; Blechschmidt, A.-M.; Bouarar, I. et al.
    • Evaluation report: Case study validation of stratospheric ozone 

      Lefever, K.; Chabrillat, S.; Errera, Q. et al.
    • Exceptionally low Arctic stratospheric ozone in spring 2020 as seen in the CAMS reanalysis 

      Inness, A.; Chabrillat, S.; Flemming, J. et al.
    • GEMS GRG Comprehensive Validation Report 

      Cammas, J.-P.; Gilles, A.; Chabrillat, S. et al.
    • Global Climate 

      Ades, M.; Adler, R.; Allan, R. et al.
    • Global Climate 

      Dunn, R.J.H.; Aldred, F.; Gobron, N. et al.
    • GOME-2 total ozone columns from MetOp-A/MetOp-B and assimilation in the MACC system 

      Hao, N.; Koukouli, M.E.; Inness, A. et al.
    • Monitoring and assimilation tests with TROPOMI data in the CAMS system. near-real-time total column ozone 

      Inness, A.; Flemming, J.; Heue, K.-P. et al.
    • The Diurnal Variation in Stratospheric Ozone from MACC Reanalysis, ERA-Interim, WACCM, and Earth Observation Data: Characteristics and Intercomparison 

      Schanz, A.; Hocke, K.; Kämpfer, N. et al.
    • The MACC reanalysis: an 8 yr data set of atmospheric composition 

      Inness, A.; Baier, F.; Benedetti, A. et al.