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    • Geophysical Validation of ERS-2 GOME Ozone Products by Means of Correlative Observations from the NDSC 

      Lambert, J.-C.; Van Roozendael, M.; Granville, J. et al.
    • Geophysical validation of MIPAS-ENVISAT operational ozone data 

      Cortesi, U.; Lambert, J.C.; De Clercq, C. et al.
    • Geophysical validation of SCIAMACHY NO2 vertical columns: Overview of early 2004 results 

      Lambert, J.-C.; Blumenstock, T.; Boersma, F. et al.
    • Geophysical validation of temperature retrieved by the ESA level 2 processor from MIPAS/envisat measurements 

      Ridolfi, M.; Blum, U.; Carli, B. et al.
    • Geophysical validation of temperature retrieved by the ESA processor from MIPAS/ENVISAT atmospheric limb-emission measurements 

      Ridolfi, M.; Blum, U.; Carli, B. et al.
    • Gibt es einen Klima-Attraktor? 

      Nicolis, C.; Nicolis, G.
    • Global analysis of scintillation variance: Indication of gravity wave breaking in the polar winter upper stratosphere 

      Sofieva, V.F.; Kyrölä, E.; Hassinen, S. et al.
    • Global and regional impacts of land cover changes on isoprene emissions derived from spaceborne data and the MEGAN model 

      Opacka, B.; Müller, J.-F.; Stavrakou, T. et al.
    • Global Atmospheric OCS Trend Analysis From 22 NDACC Stations 

      Hannigan, J.W.; Ortega, I.; Bahramvash Shams, S. et al.
    • Global Changes in Secondary Atmospheric Pollutants During the 2020 COVID‐19 Pandemic 

      Gaubert, B.; Bouarar, I.; Doumbia, T. et al.
    • Global Climate 

      Ades, M.; Adler, R.; Allan, R. et al.
    • Global Climate 

      Dunn, R.J.H.; Aldred, F.; Gobron, N. et al.
    • Global data set of biogenic VOC emissions calculated by the MEGAN model over the last 30 years 

      Sindelarova, K.; Granier, C.; Bouarar, I. et al.
    • Global distributions of methanol and formic acid retrieved for the first time from the IASI/MetOp thermal infrared sounder 

      Razavi, A.; Karagulian, F.; Clarisse, L. et al.
    • Global emissions of non-methane hydrocarbons deduced from SCIAMACHY formaldehyde columns through 2003-2006 

      Stavrakou, T.; Müller, J.-F.; De Smedt, I. et al.
    • Global isoprene emissions estimated using MEGAN, ECMWF analyses and a detailed canopy environment model 

      Müller, J.-F.; Stavrakou, T.; Wallens, S. et al.
    • Global long-term monitoring of the ozone layer - A prerequisite for predictions 

      Loyola, D.G.; Coldewey-Egbers, R.M.; Dameris, M. et al.
    • Global measurement of the mesospheric sodium layer by the star occultation instrument GOMOS 

      Fussen, D.; Vanhellemont, F.; Bingen, C. et al.