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    • A warm layer in Venus' cryosphere and high-altitude measurements of HF, HCl, H2O and HDO 

      Bertaux, J.-L.; Vandaele, A.-C.; Korablev, O. et al.
    • SPICAM IR acousto-optic spectrometer experiment on Mars Express 

      Korablev, O.; Bertaux, J.-L.; Fedorova, A. et al.
    • Spicam: Spectroscopy for the investigation of the characteristics of the atmosphere of Mars 

      Bertaux, J.-L.; Korablev, O.; Fonteyn, D. et al.
    • SPICAV on Venus Express: Three spectrometers to study the global structure and composition of the Venus atmosphere 

      Bertaux, J.-L.; Nevejans, D.; Korablev, O. et al.