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    • A warm layer in Venus' cryosphere and high-altitude measurements of HF, HCl, H2O and HDO 

      Bertaux, J.-L.; Vandaele, A.-C.; Korablev, O. et al.
    • Improved Knowlegde of Venus Atmospheric Structure 

      Limaye, S.S.; Bougher, S.; Chamberlain, S. et al.
    • No detection of methane on Mars from early ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter observations 

      Korablev, O.; Vandaele, A.C.; Montmessin, F. et al.
    • The thermal structure of the Venus atmosphere: Intercomparison of Venus Express and ground based observations of vertical temperature and density profiles 

      Limaye, S.S.; Lebonnois, S.; Mahieux, A. et al.