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dc.contributor.authorJournée, M.
dc.contributor.authorBertrand, C.
dc.coverage.temporal21st century
dc.descriptionAppropriate information on solar resources is very important for a variety of technological areas, such as: agriculture, meteorology, forestry engineering, water resources and in particular in the designing and sizing of solar energy systems. However, the availability of observed solar radiation measurements has proven to be spatially and temporally inadequate for many applications. In this paper we propose to merge the global solar radiation measurements from the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium solar measurements network with the operationally derived surface incoming global short-wave radiation products from Meteosat Second Generation satellites imageries to improve the spatio-temporal resolution of the surface global solar radiation data over Belgium. We evaluate several merging methods with various degrees of complexity (from mean field bias correction to geostatistical merging techniques) together with interpolated ground measurements and satellite-derived values onldy. The performance of the different methods is assessed by leave-one-out cross-validation.
dc.relation.ispartofseriesRemote Sensing of Environment
dc.titleImproving the spatio-temporal distribution of surface solar radiation data by merging ground and satellite measurements.
dc.subject.frascatiEarth and related Environmental sciences
dc.audienceGeneral Public
dc.subject.freeSurface solar radiation
dc.subject.freeData merging
dc.subject.freeRemote sensing and in-situ data
dc.subject.freeMSG/SEVIRI products (LSA-SAF
dc.source.issueRemote Sensing of Environment
Orfeo.peerreviewedNot pertinent

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