The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (KMI-IRM ) owes its fame to the services it provides its users, in the form of forecasts, information and technical knowledge in the area of hydrometeorology, climatology and geophysics.

The Institute has five research departments in the areas of atmospheric science and geophysics, meteorology, hydrology, geomagnetism and magnetohydrodynamics. The KMI-IRM also has a department that observes and processes information using an advanced IT infrastructure and telecommunications equipment. All observations recorded are archived with a view to the long-term evaluation of their stability and forecastability.

After the restructuring in 1999, the KMI-IRM was given a department with specific sections, i.e. hydrometeorological modelling, dynamic meteorology and climatology, and risk analysis and sustainability. Through their specific contributions, the various research units fit within the multinational groups set up in recent years.

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