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    • A trajectory-based estimate of the tropospheric ozone column using the residual method 

      Schoeberl, M.; Ziemke, J.R.; Bojokv, B. et al.
    • Assessment of the Version 1.3 ILAS-II ozone data quality in the high latitude lower stratosphere 

      Sugita, T.; Kanzawa, H.; Nakajima, H. et al.
    • "First ground-based validation of Sciamachy V5.01 ozone column" 

      Lambert, J.-C.; Allaart, M.; Andersen, S.B. et al.
    • "Gomos ozone profile validation using data from ground-based and balloon-sonde measurements" 

      Meijer, Y.J.; Swart, D.P.J.; Allaart, M. et al.
    • Ozone loss rates over the Arctic 2002/03 and Antarctic 2003 measured with the Match approach 

      De Backer, H.; Streibel, M.; von der Gathen, P. et al.
    • Ozone profiles in the high-latitude stratosphere and lower mesosphere measured by the Improved Limb Atmosphere Spectrometer (ILAS)-II: Comparison with other satellite sensors and ozonesondes 

      Sugita, T.; Nakajima, H.; Yokota, T. et al.
    • Pole-To-Pole Validation of Envisat GOMOS Ozone Profiles Using Data from Ground-Based and Balloon Sonde Measurements 

      Meijer, Y.J.; Swart, D.P.J.; Allaart, M. et al.
    • Validation of Aura Microwave Limb Sounder Ozone by Ozonesonde and Lidar Measurements 

      Jiang, Y.B.; Froidevaux, L; Lambert, A. et al.